N2N Services

  1. Spices and other Food Ingredient supplies to Indian and Overseas Buyers
  2. Consultation & assistance to overseas buyers for purchases from source countries
  3. Import Spice Raw Materials and food ingredients for Indian food industry.
  4. Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for setting up of spice facilities
  5. Acquisition and mergers
  6. Consultation / Project Management on
    1. IT services such as CRM, ERP, etc.
    2. Process improvement, Plant layout & Equipment evaluation
    3. EOU set up formalities such as Excise, Customs, etc
    4. Import & Export formalities

We have access to Ingredient suppliers around the world. We help overseas companies to buy spices and food ingredients efficiently from India and other spice producing countries through our network. To these buyers, we provide the following set of services:
  1. Weekly Market updates on spices and timely alerts when there are special developments
  2. Conducting regular crop surveys (spices) in all Asian countries by ourselves or jointly with customer
  3. Training in the field on all crops, season, cultivation practices, pre and post harvest issues on all major spices, etc.
  4. Help in identifying the right supplier.
  5. Assist in Vendor Development.
  6. Apprise the customer of the price levels and guide them on the coverages - long term coverage or short coverage.
  7. Keep track of open orders with various suppliers
  8. Follow up with suppliers and update the customer on the Order status
  9. Inspect the stuffing of containers at the suppliers’ premises
  10. Draw samples and submit to the customer or to a lab of their choice
  11. Interact with the spice suppliers on customers’ behalf on quality issues and other issues to arrive at the best possible solution
  12. On job training for employees

Key to efficient sourcing of raw material is the understanding of various unexplored origins. To many spice processor exporters in India, we import spice raw materials from Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, Nigeria, Ethiopia, etc.

We prepare Detailed Project Report (DPR) for set up of green field spice grinding facility. This would include:
  1. Suggesting the main spices that you would need to enter into.
  2. Evaluation and recommendation of location for the facility. This will be taking into consideration the other spices that you would be getting into and their areas of cultivation.
  3. Assist in recruiting team for project implementation. We know the people in the industry and can help in drawing from the existing talent pool in the industry.
  4. Advise in the layout and design of the facility & selection of plant equipments.
  5. Advise in selection of sterilization equipment. This is usually imported.
  6. Help in design of QA systems and controls
  7. Suggest Certifications and accreditations the plant should go for and oversee their achievement.
  8. Plant operating systems
  9. Product specifications design and control
  10. New product developments

  1. Scout and Identify a suitable company for acquisition or for JV
  2. Assist or guide in Due Diligence
  3. Negotiation
  4. Execution & Integration

  1. IT services such as CRM, ERP, etc.
    1. Systems security
    2. ERP / CRM gap analysis, recommendation & implementation / project management
    3. Mail solutions
    4. Customized software development
    5. Database management
    6. Integration of third party softwares into existing ERP (e.g., bar-coding, biometric attendance)
  2. Process improvement, Plant layout & Equipment evaluation
    1. Study of current processes and suggest improvements
    2. Re-draw layout of machinery for better efficiency
    3. Evaluate new machines/equipments for the plant
  3. EOU set up formalities such as Excise, Customs, etc
    1. Procedures for EOU set up
  4. Import & Export formalities
    1. Documentation support in importing and export of cargo
    2. Management of advance licenses and customs formalities